Real estate does not means dealing with brick and mortar, gone are the day when developers/ builders when they just use to give raw complexes without any soul.

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Real Estate is precisely defined as the interest vested in an item of real property, buildings or housing in general. “Change is constant '' and so it has been in the real estate industry also. Methods to approach and pattern to apply in the real estate have changed immensely with time and all full of ease and understanding. Initially, the masses used to fear the real estate world thinking of the consequences and challenges. Today the mass does not fear at all and they move ahead to know things in detail because the process and the methods have become very transparents in between the brokers/ constructors/ leasing agents and the clients.

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Leasing is the “Soul” of any commercial property, although neglected due to insufficient knowledge or unavailability of necessary sources. Leasing plays a vital role in overall growth of a property.

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No brokerage

We have team of well exercised individuals who has rendered their services in mall industry with having served more than 20+ years, our team has handled in day to day operations of mall, leasing of brands etc.

No hidden cost/clauses

A business needs to have analytical services we have developed solution-based approach which includes various of analytical services like gap analysis, catchment analysis,Diagnostic analytics,Predictive analytics, Target analytics etc


Centralized Approach
More than 20+ years of leasing market experience
1000+ Brand reach
Time saving & cost saving

How We Work

The main motto behind our existence is after gap analysis is to make leasing easy and digestible so even a simple person can understand what does leasing means and for it stands for.


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Commercial leasing

We provide end to end leasing solutions for commercial properties. Commercial leasing depends on the type of the property and is more complex than the residential area. We at smart lease India tend to make the procedures as easy as possible

Mall leasing

We have a team of well exercised individuals who have rendered their services in the mall industry for 20+ years. With their immense experience we provide lucid leasing patterns that can attract the brands of the mall with no extra burdens.

Analytical Services

We have developed solution based approach which includes services like Gap analysis, Predictive analysis, Target analysis, Catchment analysis, Diagnostic analysis.All these services are included in the package along with lease marketing.

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