Real estate does not means dealing with brick and mortar, gone are the day when developers/ builders when they just use to give raw complexes without any soul.

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Leasing is the soul of any commercial property or space. It plays a vital role in the upward graph of the company. Though it has been the neglecting point, or attempt has always been to make it centralised. The footfall of the property is decided by the :-

  • Type of brand associated
  • Leasing structure
  • Goodwill of the brand
  • Location of the property

Smart Lease India - a pure Leasing Marketing Company believes that new age business should have an amalgamation of new ideas, new mindsets along with strong old principles. The strong captivating ideas should shake hands with the golden ethics of the business.

Leasing is an outlined contract between the two parties where one agrees to pay the rent to other for a specific time period. The intersection of leasing and marketing is important to have the lessee and the lessor available at the same time.

We aim to provide leasing along with marketing in order to showcase the best deals at the real price. Leasing and marketing shall go hand in hand to avoid the further underneath explanations.

Leasing requires defined marketing depending on the space and the marketer requires the right place for the client.

We at Smart Lease India follow "EENE" which deciphers "Evaluate, Explore, Navigate, Enhance. " Each word has its own roots connecting the business with clients.

SMART LEASE Terminology

We at smart lease Indiabelieve in terminology of “EENE”which stands for “Evaluate, Explore, Negotiate & Enhance” Each of the term stands for its different meaning.

Evaluate-We, through our resources and experience evaluate the property in order to decide which type of brands can come under the banner.

Explore-After a thorough study of the property, we start exploring the options which can be approached according to time and location of the property.

Negotiate- Once the approaches turn into deals, the builder and the brands can negotiate on mutually agreeable terms and conditions.

Enhance- After all the listings and procedures, the brand and property both are enhanced in order to emphasize the builder’s hard work. It is the builder/ developer that has been managing it all in an order. It is the property that enhances the brand for the builder and for the brands it is the property being enhanced with its presence.